Six lines from prison cover

Blue Swedish for Nowruz;
Short Stories from Sweden

Naeimeh Doostdar & Azita Ghahreman & Nasrin Madani
Translated by Sholeh Wolpé

2015: EUROPE / USA / SOFTCOVER; ISBN 978-91-87341-07-6

Fiction. Women's Studies. Middle Eastern Studies.

A woman doing behavioral experiments on a population unfamiliar with showing emotions to strangers.

Parents suppressing all common sense in order to grasp what their new world expects of their child.

A Russian invasion shaking the grounds of naïvely unprepared citizens forced to find new values.

Only in Sweden—a country so quiet it will drive you mad! 

In this collection of short stories, three exiled writers from Iran living in Sweden examine the oddities of their new society. Who are these Swedish people surrounding them? How are they to be understood? Is it even worth the effort? What makes people Swedish, anyway? 



Review by Ann Lingebrandt in Sydsvenskan here.

Naeimeh Doostdar

Naeimeh Doostdar (b. 1977) is a journalist and writer who has received several national honours in Iran although much of her work has been nationally banned from publishing. In 2009 Doostdar was imprisoned because of her blog and other journalistic writings. Since 2012 she lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Azita Ghahreman

Azita Ghahreman (b. 1962) is a poet and translator. She published her four first highly acclaimed poetry collections before arriving in Sweden in 2006. She has received several international awards. She currently lives outside of Malmö, Sweden.

Nasrin Madani

Nasrin Madani (b. 1979) is a writer, critic and editor. Although she has received numerous awards for her short stories, most of them have been banned in Iran. She was forced into exile for her writings on women and minorities. She has been living in Sweden since 2012, nowadays in Malmö.