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2016: EUROPE / USA / SOFTCOVER; ISBN 978-91-87341-08-3

This is conceptual poetry. This is concrete poetry. This is the primal scream of interpunctuation. This is the autofiction of a book inlay. This is ONE-HITTING THE WONDERS. Here you find blueprints of new theme parks and what not. Here you find yourself at the smorgasbord of a linguistic cul-de- sac.

“…he plays with language so much in such a self-aware way… So, if you like poetry that questions what poetry is and that pokes at the edges of language, you should check out this book.“
— William Allegrezza on One-Hitting the Wonders.

Kristian Carlsson

Kristian Carlsson

Kristian Carlsson (b. 1978) is a Swedish poet, writer, translator, literary curator, etc. His literary production is mainly in Swedish, but also in English.

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