Poetry or else cover

POETRY or else

2013: EUROPE / SOFTCOVER; ISBN 978-91-87341-02-1
2013: USA / SOFTCOVER; ISBN 978-91-87341-04-5

The poet, the unknown being… a loony, a dreamer, a hermit. The poet writes poetry… but really, what is poetry? Arts, politics, mere amusement?
This little book is an insight into…
…the mindset of someone who just can’t help but to be a poet. It is a manifesto for the freedom of thought and expression, an essential source of motivation and inspiration for readers and writers alike.

Anisur Rahman

Anisur Rahman

Anisur Rahman (b.1978) made his poetic debut in 2003. As a journalist, translator and playwright he has further contemplated the poetic mind. Born in Bangladesh, he writes in both Bengali and English, but nowadays lives exiled in Sweden.

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