Six lines from prison cover


Letters of Nooshabeh Amiri and Houshang Asadi

2013: EUROPE / USA / SOFTCOVER; ISBN 978-91-87341-06-9

"I submerge myself in the euphoria of reading every line of your letters. My whole life is impregnated with hope and love out of this euphoria."

At best the power of love can shine through anywhere. For years the political prisoner and his wife had to communicate by six lines at the time. The correspondence became an endless struggle to, each time as if for the last time, thoroughly express the longing for reunion.
Nooshabeh Amiri & Houshang Asadi are journalists, writers, and political activists from Iran. They now share an exiled life in France.

Nooshabeh Amiri

Nooshabeh Amiri

Nooshabeh Amiri (b. 1952) began her career in journalism in 1971 in Tehran. She writes on political, social and gender issues; and has been subjected to numerous cases of censorship in Iran before her exile in 2003. In this edition of "Six Lines from Prison" the letters are accompanied by her commentary, offering a personal and historical context.

Houshang Asadi

Houshang Asadi (b. 1950) have had his career as a journalist and editor interrupted by prison terms both before and after the 1979 Revolution. In exile he published "Letters to my Torturer" (2010) to give his account of political imprisonment in post-revolution Iran; to which "Six Lines in Prison" now may add a dimension.